Zherox Fixed System

Zherox® Fixed System

Pushing the boundaries of biodecontamination

With improved functionality and reliability, AM Instruments’ new  biodecontamination fixed system meets customer needs and exceeds expectations.

HPE Technology

An <8% hydrogen peroxide solution is dispensed through a TLP nozzle, creating a mist of micro droplets. that are then passed through a high voltage electromagnetic field that ionizes the hydrogen peroxide. The resulting solution has a high concentration of hydroxyl radicals and Reactive Oxygen Species (ROSs), which damages micro-organisms through oxidation of proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids.

The electro magnetic field imparts an electrostatic charge to the mist, that acts like a gas due to mutually repulsive positively charged particles. The results is an extremely high diffusion property to easily reach 100% of the whole area.

The outcome?

A fast, safe and efficient biodecontamination. 

Modular System

Zherox® fixed system is modular and can be configured according to customer needs.
It is preferable to place the AM1612 control unit outside the cleanroom to minimise the movement of materials and operators entering and exiting classified areas. 

Smart Integrable System

It can be integrated with the corporate IT infrastructure, company database and with centralised management systems (SCADA)

Remote control

You can upload the layout of the sterile area in two clicks! 

The simplicity of installation and the immediate interface allow the customer to be able to install the system in total autonomy. 

Status Control

Before starting a biodecontamination cycle, the system checks:

  • that all the delivery points involved are connected
  • that the type and quantity of sanitizer are enough to complete the intervention
  • that the mechanical components are not worn or damaged


During the biodecontamination cycle, all parameters are constantly under control:

  • compressed air flow
  • liquid flow
  • high voltage presence
  • tank level
  • hydrogen peroxide concentration
  • timing of biodecontamination cycles
  • temperature 

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