The new boundaries of biodecontamination

Real-time connection

Zherox® can be controlled by iOS and Android smartphones or tablets

Ease of use

Zherox® simplifies biodecontamination activities and their set-ups

Operator safety

Zherox® can be remotely controlled and reduce operator’s exposure to disinfectant solution
Zherox® Biodecontamination System

Advanced Maintenance

Zherox® is equipped with advanced systems that simplifies your ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities

Cycle rapidity

You can use multiple Zherox® machines to speed up your biodecontamination activities

AM Cloud

Zherox® is integrated in AM Cloud: your data are available at any time and anywhere

Ease of use

You can connect directly from your smartphone!

The easy-to-use interface clearly leads the user during the key steps of the biodecontamination activity, from initial set-up through QR Code, to the draft of final reports.

Zherox App System

Remote control

AM Cloud app allows you to constantly keep under control the state of Zherox® machines and to control them remotely.


Thanks to its innovative system, Zherox® machines are able to communicate and organise the biodecontamination process for optimal results

Real-time notifications

Possibility to receive notifications and warnings about the state of machines, activities and maintenances directly on your smartphone
Zherox® App Biodecontamination System
Zherox® Biodecontamination System


Ionization allows the particles, mutually repulsive, to be more efficient

Pivoting wheels

For an easy transport on any vehicle

Status LED

for an immediate visual feedback

Tilting monitor

to ease the usage of the machine

HPE Technology

An <8% hydrogen peroxide solution is dispensed through a TLP nozzle, creating a mist of micro droplets. that are then passed  through a high voltage electromagnetic field that ionizes the hydrogen peroxide. The resulting solution has a high concentration of hydroxyl radicals and Reactive Oxygen Species (ROSs), which damages micro-organisms through oxidation of proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids.

The electro magnetic field imparts an electrostatic charge to the mist, that acts like a gas due to mutually repulsive positively charged particles. The results is an extremely high diffusion property to easily reach 100% of the whole area.

The outcome?

A fast, safe and efficient biodecontamination.

Operator Safety

Zherox redefines safety standards of biodecontamination thanks to remote monitoring and control via smartphone, which prevent the operator from exposing to the disinfectant solution.

Zherox can be equipped with a hydrogen peroxide sensor which can monitor the concentration inside the room in order to suggest when safety conditions are re-established.

6 Reasons to choose AM Instruments



Since 1990 AM Instruments has been collaborating with international companies in the contamination control sector, with particular attention to the life science market.



In compliance with GMP guidelines, our Quality System ensures that all activities are carried out and managed according to high qualitative standards.


Research & Development

Innovation is the engine of our constant growth, which is achieved through the intuition and the expertise of our Research & Development Department.



A wide product portfolio meets the need of all of our customers, from cleaning equipments to biodecontamination machines.



AM Instruments offers fast and efficient services thanks to our trained professional technicians and to the use of high-tech machines


Customer Care

Thanks to an efficient and proactive team, AM Instruments offers a timely service aimed at meeting the needs of all our customers.

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