Economic Sustainability

A company in continuous growth

The ownership of AM Instruments has always and consistently invested in company growth.

The quality of products and services is combined with our mission: to be the first GMP Consistent company in contamination control. This determines a synergy of operating methods and objectives with the reference market, ensuring to the customer solutions that adhere to the values ​​promoted daily by AM Instruments:

quality culture
continuous investment in research and development
supply chain 4.0
continuous improvement

Over the last year the most important investments have been related to: the Pharmaclean® production structure, with the cleanroom becoming fully operational and the related brand development investments; the team of collaborators, with skills development and managerial culture development activities; managerial tools and the sales network, with the introduction of a new CRM system; research and development, with the addition of new figures to support Pharmaclean® production.


The objective of strengthening the international presence and making it an important driving force for the development of the coming years, as well as the opening of a foreign office, is testified by the strengthening of the most significant markets for the life science sector, through research constant of new distributors and development of activities aimed at the affirmation of the brand.

Turnover increased

AM Instruments consolidates its leading position in the market, recording a further increase in turnover (+ 8.5%) which brings the volume of total sales to a value very close to 25 million euros.

Increasing investments

The company’s investment policy continues to be aimed at strengthening its portfolio of resources and skills, as well as the implementation of the clean-room production activity started in 2017.

Significant profitability of investments

Following all this, the most significant profitability indicators (RONA and ROE) are confirmed on significant values ​​equal to 19.2% and 20.6% respectively. In both cases there is a slight reduction in the percentage values, which is clearly the result of the growth of investments, in one case, and the growth of own resources, in the other.