Sterilisation and Packaging Solutions

Sterilisation & Packaging Solutions

by Pharmaclean®

Pharmaclean® bags and reels in Tyvek® 1073B and PET/PP for autoclaving components and tools, manufactured and packaged in our Grade C operational cleanroom. Raw materials are biodecontaminated with the unique Safe4Clean® system which guarantees a significant reduction of viable and non-viable particles. The strength and breathability of Tyvek® combined with the transparency of PET/PP allow the sterilised contents to be stored with total visibility.

GMP Quality

  • Grade C operational cleanroom production 
  • Safe4Clean® Biodecontamination Process system
  • raw materials with specific requirements to ensure a low level of contamination
  • excellent peelability, no release of particles
  • constant QA checks of raw materials and finished products
  • possibility of production site audits

Pharmaclean® solution

Pharmaclean® Sterilisation and Packaging Solutions line offers a wide range of products and solutions:

  • Heat Seal Bags
  • Heat Seal Gusseted Bags
  • Self Seal Bags
  • Heat Seal Reels

Pharmaclean® solutions optimise production efficiency, protect the sterility of critical components and reduce operating time.


  • antimicrobial barrier of maximum effectiveness
  • excellent resistance to sterilisation cycle, straps and perforations
  • easy opening (thumb notch)


  • hooking hole on request for pouches for application in isolators and RABS
  • pre- and post-sales assistance from our dedicated staff

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