Products for isolator activities

AM Instruments offers a full range of products dedicated to isolator activities

Packaging solutions, cleaning accessories, stationery.

Bags and reels

Pharmaclean® bags and rolls in Tyvek® 1073B and PET/PP for autoclaving components and tools, made and packaged in our Grade C operational cleanroom. Tyvek® and PET/PP are decontaminated with the proprietary Safe4Clean® system that guarantees a significant reduction of viable and non-viable particles.


Pharmaclean® MyWipe® 100% continuous filament polyester for ultra-critical environments. Pre-impregnated wipes in VHP-resistant packaging.

Mop covers

Pharmaclean® covers made of 100% polyester, polyester/cellulose or double-layer polyester. High absorption and low particle release.


Pens and markers in VHP-resistant packaging. The Pharmaclean® pen is made of a patented bacteriostatic material with a permanent effect and is resistant to chemical decontamination.

Top quality products for aseptic operations

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