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Contamination control products

A complete line of accessories to meet the specific requirements of pharmaceutical production sterile environments. All cleaning tools are autoclavable and fully meet standard specifications regarding construction, material compatibility, decontamination and resistance to biocides.


Cleaning Tools for Cleanroom
Wide range of cleanroom stationery: writing, labels, accessories.


Writing Material for Cleanroom
Ideal wherever there is a contamination problem: entry/exit from critical areas, changing rooms, areas of transfer, corridors and air locks.


Decontamination Carpet


Pharmaclean products in DuPont™ Tyvek® type 1422A material, for sterilisation and protection from dust, particles and micro-organisms, are designed to offer total safety and resistance. They are customisable and easy to use. Unaffected by autoclave sterilisation processes. All products come with a certificate of conformity and a certificate of irradiation, where applicable. We maintain full documentation traceability, and can trace back all records and associated end users at any time.


Packaging and Sterilization Systems
A complete offer of wipes for all applications in controlled contamination environments. Available in different materials, with low particle release, autoclavable or already sterile, in dimensions suitable for both manual use and with mops.


MyWipe Wipes
Pharmaclean Logo

Pharmaclean® is the AM Instruments® production for cleanroom contamination control

Products specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers in terms of effectiveness, safety and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Pharmaclean is the result of the experience we gained in 30 years of activity: thanks to this know-how we were able to create products that fully adhere to the increasingly stringent quality and safety requirements that the life science sector requires.

Pharmaclean® creates personalised products and solutions according to customer needs

Pharmaclean meets the special needs of the life science sector, producing customized protection, packaging and sterilization systems. Each customer request is discussed with the support of our QA, which defines the operational flows and every verification and release test needed in order to offer a GMP compliant service in accordance with the specific requests of the customers themselves.

Samples and quotations can be requested using the interactive form, which allows the customer to provide all usefull information so that Pharmaclean operators can offer a quick and effective answer regarding the production of the sample and / or the listing of the product.

GMP Consistent AM Instruments

Quality control

Every stage of the process, from the acceptance of raw materials to the release of the product, is strictly controlled and every work space is subject to environmental and microbiological monitoring.


Each lot is delivered along with the environmental and microbiological monitoring report, the certificate of conformity and, if accomplished, the certificate of irradiation.

On-site audit

During audits, our customer can verify the compliance with the increasingly demanding quality and security requirements related to the productions areas and processes.

You can schedule an audit by sending a request to our quality department at