Broadcast messaging system for cleanroom

Communication in cleanroom

MyPage+ makes communication in cleanrooms simple and improves safety thanks to customizable alarms


Messages, video, images and alerts can coexist in the same monitor, giving the operator the possibility to always have everything under control

Visual support

To support the operator images, videos and operative instructions can be loaded in order to make sure that every operation in cleanroom is done correctly, according to guidelines
Messaging System MyPage+

Simple interface

A web interface, specifically developed, that provides a library of customizable graphic templates

Organizing messages

MyPage+ can be controlled by a normal PC connected to the network and it is possible to define le duration and frequency of contents to show

Multiple management

Each device is identified via unique and customizable ID. Possibility to manage independently multiple devices placed in different areas of the plant from a single computer

Simple interface

MyPage+ is a messaging system for cleanroom that can operate via web interface from PC, tablet or smartphone. The software allows to create screens that can be scheduled by calendar.

The application has to be installed on a server connected to a corporate network.

MyPage+ Functionalities

Content visualization

Visualization of programmed and immediate messages, videos, images, texts and possibility of time synchronization with NTP technology

SCADA connection

MyPage+ offers the possibility to connect with SCADA supervision systems in order to visualize parameters like temperature, differential pressure, relative humidity, particle count, alarms and much more

Management software

MyPage+ can be controlled by a management software from any PC, connected to the network, that also provides different level of authorization for the management of devices
Messaging System MyPage+

Messaging system for cleanroom

Broadcast messaging system for contamination controlled environments.

AM Instruments introduces MyPage+, the only device on the market capable of simultaneously broadcasting date and time, text messages, images and videos.

The simple and intuitive interface of MyPage+ facilitates multiple device management.

Multiple management

You can equip your cleanroom with as many MyPage+ as you want, the system can, indeed, manage an infinite number of them.

Devices can be controlled singularly or can even be grouped together, for example you can decide to make a group of all MyPage+ mounted in a certain work area or in the dressing room. Groups are useful when you want to show the same content in a certain location, without having to select each and every device.

You can broadcast messages, videos, images at any time, or you can schedule what contents you want to show, the duration and the frequency. At any time it is possible to ungroup the desired MyPage+ and broadcast a message on a single device.

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Since 1990 AM Instruments has been collaborating with international companies in the contamination control sector, with particular attention to the life science market.



In compliance with GMP guidelines, our Quality System ensures that all activities are carried out and managed according to high qualitative standards.


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Innovation is the engine of our constant growth, which is achieved through the intuition and the expertise of our Research & Development Department.



A wide product portfolio meets the need of all of our customers, from cleaning equipments to biodecontamination machines.



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