A GMP Consistent production

Pharmaclean® is the AM Instruments production department in cleanroom dedicated to an innovative line of products for the packaging and the protection of sterility, specifically designed to meet our customers’ needs in terms of effectiveness, safety and compliance with regulatory requirements. 

PHarmaclean® offers:

  • Covers & Sterility Protection Solutions
  • Packaging & Sterilisation Solution
  • Cleaning Tools and accessories
  • Cleanroom Stationery
  • Cleanroom Mats

Tyvek® Covers & Bags

Tyvek® covers vs medical paper

Heat Seal Bags


Round Mop


Round Mop



Technological Hub

AMTech® offers systems, facilities and equipment for cleanrooms. AMTech® manufactures standard and custom-made products through careful analysis of the customer’s requests and special needs.

  • Biodecontamination systems – Zherox®
  • LAF Systems
  • Monitoring accessories and automation – SmartProbe®
  • Fog generator – MyFog®
  • Hands Disinfection – My&Clean+®
  • Broadcast messaging system – MyPage+®