Fairs and events

23 – 25 April  2024  – Karlsruhe


AM Instruments brings biodecontamination with HPE technology to the PDA conference. A comparative study comparing HPE technology with other technologies, followed by a technical analysis of the patented Zherox® biodecontamination systems, their applications and the tests carried out which prove their optimized effectiveness.

15-16 May 2024 – Stuttgart

PDA Goof Aspetic Manufacturing Conference

AM Instruments brings its expertise in packaging solutions for material transfer and sterilisation processes. A special  insight in our proprietary system Safe4Clean® for the biodecontamination of raw materials, that allows a high reduction of viable and non-viable particles and ensures an excellent quality of the finished product.

22 – 23 May 2024  – Birmingham

Cleanroom Technology Conference

The Cleanroom Technology Conference is designed to highlight best practice and regulations affecting cleanroom design and operations across various sectors for those working within controlled environments and cleanrooms. AM Instruments brings innovation and quality through its production units Pharmaclean® and AMTech®. Sterilisation & packaging Solutions, Biodecontamination and Laminar Flow Systems.

5-6-7 June 2024




5 June 2024
Venue 10:00 - 12:30
Workshop AM Instruments
Overcoming the challenges of Annex 1: optimizing material transfer processes in controlled environments

As part of the 63rd AFI Symposium, AM Instruments will hold a workshop dedicated to Annex 1 challenges related to materials transfer operations.

The new Annex 1, through the Contamination Control Strategy, places great attention on the need for accurate contamination control in all material transfer processes in classified environments.

Quality Risk Management principles must be used to evaluate and control contamination risks: “for this reason, a contamination control strategy is necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of all existing preventive and monitoring measures.” (Cit. Annex 1)

The AM Instruments Workshop presents a theoretical approach accompanied by case studies on the resolution of critical issues related to the transfer of materials and the optimization of the different application processes.

Reducing particle release and an effective microbiological barrier are crucial elements in material transfer. It is essential to ensure that sterility is maintained at all stages of the process.

The new Annex 1 also pushes towards the implementation of automated solutions, to avoid the risk of contamination by operators. Biodecontamination with the new HPE technology represents a step forward both from the point of view of effectiveness and safety, and from the point of view of automation.

Its integration with transfer systems such as material passers is the ideal solution for reducing contamination risks in aseptic production.