Fairs and events

18 May 2022 – Neaples


Clean technology in hospitals

AM Instruments participates with a speech on biodecontamination of classified areas: technologies, methods, regulatory requirements.

It is also present in the exhibition area where it will be possible to talk with our experts about the Zherox® line by AMTech, a line that includes biodecontamination devices and systems with innovative HPE technology.

18-19 May 2022 – Dublin

PDA Annex 1 Workshop

Table 9

AM Instruments is participating in the PDA event focusing on Annex 1. The workshop will focus on strategies for contamination control in cleanrooms in the light of the new Annex: from design to qualification, from disinfection procedures to transfer processes and monitoring. AM Instruments could not but participate with the Pharmaclean® Covers and Sterility Protection Solutions and Sterilisation & Packaging Solutions lines – designed and manufactured to provide the most effective solutions in sterilisation processes and material transfer – and the Zherox® line for environmental and surface biodecontamination with HPE technology.

“The intent of the workshops is to highlight specific sections with critical changes and include interactive sessions to provide attendees with clear understanding of and means to implement the requirements of the new Annex 1, in order to address the regulatory expectations. PDA has developed a standardized approach for workshop topics to ensure consistency in the information delivered to the industry.”

26-28 May 2022 – Cervia

IRCCS Conference

Advanced Therapy Products: from research to treatment

AM Instruments participates in the three-day event dedicated to advanced therapies with a workshop on cleaning/disinfection/biodecontamination.

Advanced therapies are an emerging field of biomedicine, resulting from the enormous progress made in the last twenty years in the field of biotechnology, and offer new opportunities for the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of serious diseases that have limited or no therapeutic options, such as genetic diseases, chronic diseases and cancers.

02-03 June 2022 – Basel

PDA Parenteral Packaging Conference

Table 2

The development of packaging for parenteral preparations cannot be considered as an isolated activity. On the contrary, a holistic and integrated approach that takes into account all stages of the process is inevitable. This year’s conference has a specific focus on innovation with sessions dedicated to advanced packaging solutions and traceability.

Pharmaclean® and its solutions will be at the forefront of the two-day event in Basel, Switerland.

14-15 September 2022 – Geneva

Connect in Pharma

Stand D19

AM Instruments will be at Connect in Pharma, an event that brings together the main players in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical production in the heart of the European pharmaceutical industry: Geneva.

A unique international platform for the development, industrialisation and contract manufacturing of drug delivery systems and packaging and filling technology. From concept to finished product, every aspect of Connect in Pharma is designed to inspire collaboration and innovation between packaging suppliers, drug delivery systems, CMO/CDMO and filling and assembly processes. With conferences, workshops, networking and the latest products from top suppliers on display, Connect in Pharma presents the future of the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry.