AM Sustainability

Our approach

A commitment and growth in harmony with the well-being of future generations.

At AM Instruments, innovation is a fundamental process that cuts across all business areas and is the result of constant research with the main objective of creating long-term value through the study of solutions and technologies aimed at the contamination control market.

Operating in a world increasingly attentive to compliance with sustainability principles and in a sector, such as Life Sciences, marked by continuous evolution and stringent regulatory rules, the company’s sustainability strategy plays a key role in investment and development choices.

In 2023 AM Instruments decided to prepare the integrated report to describe in an articulate and integrated way the repertoire of activities that the company implements in its continuous growth path that sees, at the center of its underlying strategic orientation, the theme of sustainability. The report consists of an introductory part that offers a wide-ranging description of the company (General Overview) and the reporting of specific activities with regard to the three main ESG pillars: Environment, Social and Governance.


AM Instruments Integrated Report

On July 11, 2024, at the Limbiate headquarters, a meeting with stakeholders will be held to present our first Integrated Report that includes the sustainability plan and the annual report of AM Instruments.

Our strategy


AM Instruments manages its activities with transparency, integrity, inclusiveness and legality, in compliance with the laws and guidelines regarding social responsibility.

Management model and code of ethics

AM Instruments has developed and adopted its own Code of Ethics and a Model of Organization and Management pursuant to D. Lgs 231/2001, in order to prevent illegal conduct within the company.


With a view to regulatory compliance, both national and European, the company has implemented a company channel to report irregularities, conduct or illegal behavior to the competent bodies, with appropriate guarantees of anonymity and maximum confidentiality (``whistleblowing``).


AM Instruments is committed to implementing energy efficiency and emission compensation policies to support the daily care of our planet. Safeguarding and protecting the environment guide the choices of our business.


AM Instruments prioritizes offering quality products and services. The company, already certified ISO 9001:2015, implements a GMP Consistent program. The aim is to cancel the distances between customer and supplier, creating a synergy of operating methods, objectives and results.


AM Instruments actively supports non-profit charities that pay particular attention to the well-being and health of children, the environment and the fight against poverty.

AM Instruments supports...

Founded in 1993 on the initiative of some parents of sick children and oncological doctors of the Institute “G.Gaslini” of Genoa, it aims to give life expectancy to children suffering from this cancer of pediatric age and provide support to scientific research.

Dynamo Camp is a Recreational Therapy camp, the first in Italy, specially structured to accommodate for free for holidays and leisure periods sick children and young people, in therapy or in the period of post-hospitalization.

Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano is a non-profit foundation founded in 1975, on the model of the National Trust, with the aim of protecting and enhancing the Italian historical, artistic and landscape heritage.

The Association Vivi Down Onlus, founded in 1988, deals daily with providing people with Down Syndrome and their families with the tools to support the difficulties that disability entails.

The non-profit association addresses patients with chromosome 22 deletion, their families, the scientific community and the public to inform, support clinical research, promote the social inclusion of people with this rare genetic syndrome.

Pane Quotidiano ONLUS is a secular, apolitical and non-profit organization, founded in Milan in 1898. Its goal is to provide basic food to those in need; every day, free of charge.


(S)mettila qui!

In line with the commitment to environmental sustainability, AM Instruments has recently launched the project “(S)mettila it here!”.

Each cigarette end collected within our “Smoker Points” will be recycled through the Re-Cig process – the first and only authorised cigarette end collection company in Europe – and transformed into a plastic material that can be used for various applications.

In addition to being an aesthetic problem, cigarette filters contain a number of chemicals, many of which are toxic to ecosystems. When a butt is thrown on the ground and carried by rain and wind, it ends up in our seas and oceans, taking 2 to 12 years to completely degrade. During this process, it releases microplastics and nanoplastics into our marine environment, further contributing to the contamination of our ecosystem.


Eventi sostenibili

The environmental issue, dear to us, represents a daily challenge that we want to face also in the organization of our events. Starting from our six-monthly internal meetings, Winter and Summer Game, up to the RTF – Ride the Future days, we take this opportunity to offset emissions and for this we have chosen a particular project that we invite you to explore.

AM Instruments has directed its commitment to Italy, in particular the Val Dogà, a fishing valley located below sea level, which needs continuous water exchanges; and the Cà Pisani Valley, a fishing valley also located below sea level, near the Po Delta.

The project:

Capture of CO2
Conservation of biodiversity
Economic and social development
Improvement of sea conditions

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee consists of the main functions within the business organization, selected for their heterogeneous skills that can fully meet the requirements for the creation of a sustainability plan and determine the strategies for its implementation. The above skills are as follows: management, production, quality, safety, personnel management, administration and finance, communication, marketing.
The Ethics Committee, in addition to carrying out a path dedicated to the drafting of the first sustainability report of AM Instruments, is guarantor of the following activities:
– communication of sustainability to all stakeholders (internal and external)
– Monitoring and verification of the achievement of KPIs in Environment, Social and Governance
– Guarantor of the application of D./Lgs 231-2001