AM Instruments

AM Instruments.

An Italian excellence.

Since 1990 AM Instruments has been consolidating and improving commercial relationships with the most qualified international companies in the sector of contamination control with particular attention to the qualitative needs of the life science market.

A wide-ranging and high quality commercial offering proposed by prepared and reliable professionals; an organisation of 100 people with a common objective: make the difference.

Innovation, the engine of our constant growth, is fuelled by the ability of the research and development to launch onto the market cutting-edge products and instruments.

A GMP-consistent company with ISO 9001:2015 certification

GMP Consistent AM Instruments


To be the benchmark in contamination control.

Our mission is to be the benchmark when it comes to contamination control, a mission we strive to accomplish in terms of expertise, operational excellence and proactiveness.

In a sector characterised by stringent regulatory standard and risks that affect workers and final products, we are conscious of a responsibility to find solutions to the problems constantly facing the pharmaceutical industry.

The search for solution, the solution to problems.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality System Certification


The engine that drives our constant growth.

Innovation, the engine that drives our constant growth, is fuelled by the intuition and expertise of the Research & Development department, where cutting-edge products and technologies are created.

AM Instruments is constantly increasing the resources it dedicates to these activities, aware that much of the company’s success depends on its ability to recognise and anticipate the needs of the market in which it operates.

We believe that it is of fundamental importance to present innovative ideas and solution to the market every day.

30 years of AM Instruments.

1990 – 2020.

For our thirtieth anniversary we decided to share our story: where we started, our first steps, the passion that has always guided us and the commitment that has distinguished us to arrive where we are today.


Our production plant.

In 2017 Pharmaclean® was launched, a new production department in cleanroom, with an innovative line of products for packaging and the protection of sterility specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers in terms of effectiveness, safety and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Pharmaclean® is the result of experience acquired over the course of 25 years in business: experience which has enabled the creation of products which fully satisfy the increasingly stringent quality and safety requirements of the life sciences sector.

Structures, equipment and processes are validated in accordance with our Quality Management System.