Cleaning Tools


Bi-Mop is designed for cleanroom environments.

It is made of extremely durable electropolished AISI 304 stainless steel and is suitable for cleaning floors, walls and even high ceilings thanks to its extensible handles.

The entire mop is autoclavable and its detachable handles and head allow easier insertion into the autoclave.

Thanks to its easy opening, the mop head can be replaced easily and fast.

Triple Bucket Cart

Cleaning trolley for controlled contamination areas, composed of:

  • frame of AISI 304 stainless steel with Scotch Brite finishing
  • 360° swivel castors and plastic buckets with stainless steel handles (autoclavable up to 130° C)

Thanks to small size and swivel castors, the trolley is easily manoeuverable, even in narrow areas.

The entire structure, buckets included, is autoclavable and has a capacity 1of 15 laters.

Pharmaclean® Mop Cover

Pharmaclean disposable mophead in 100% double layer polyester with elastic. Developed for applications requiring a high degree of absorption and low particle release, it is extremely easy to position and replace during cleaning operations.

The cover is adaptable to tools with flat rectangular head sizes up to 40 x 20 cm and, in combination with the supplied polyester fibre pad, allows the tool head to adhere to surfaces ensuring uniform and thorough cleaning.

Packaged in a cleanroom and autoclavable, it is also available in a sterile version for irradiation and in different packaging.

Flat Wringer

Flat wringer made of perforated stainless steel, suitable for flat mop heads with a maximum length of 18” (46 cm). Direct assembling on 15-litre buckets.

Cleaning tools

Cleaning activities in controlled contamination zones must be managed by written procedures (SOPs) recorded within a company’s own document system and be carried out by suitably trained personnel.

AM Instruments cleaning equipment meets all required criteria:

  • ergonomics (size, weight, shape)
  • ease of cleaning
  • resistance to chemicals used
  • resistance to autoclave sterilization temperatures
  • low release of particles and chemical or microbiological contaminants
  • compliance with current safety and environmental protection regulations
  • availability of complete data sheets
  • quality certificates attached to shipments and/or downloadable from the reserved area