Biodecontamination Service

AM Instruments offers an innovative biodecontamination service at your company with the new HPE technology, capable of treating environments up to 1,000m3. Rapid and effective interventions, with a specialized team.
Our biodecontamination process uses a solution based on H2O2 with a concentration equal to 7.8% clearly lower than the percentages usually used, significantly reducing the risks of incompatibility of materials and maintaining a high degree of effectiveness.
The hydrogen peroxide based solution is activated through ionization thanks to the passage through an elettromagnetic field, generating a fine mist containing a high concentration of reactive oxygen species (ROS).

ROS persist in the environment without losing their reactivity. ROS, which include hydroxyl ion together with other radicals, break the double bonds of microorganisms (including spores) present in the environment, achieving complete sterilization of environments and surfaces.


Intervention flexibility even on holidays
Dedicated study of the area aimed at optimizing and customizing the biodecontamination process
Possibility to carry out dedicated Risk Assessments
Preliminary inspection of biodecontamination areas carried out by our specialized technical team (on request)
Securing the areas to be treated and monitoring during the process phases
Release of a technical report attesting each phase of the biodecontamination cycle performed


Achievement of microbial abatement ≥ Log6
Microbial abatement even in the most critical and difficult to reach points
High material compatibility (glass, PVC, laminates, sensitive electronics and metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, etc.)
Use of sanitizing solution with low H2O2 concentration
Odorless sanitizing solution
Fast sanitization times
No conditioning required of the premises
No presence of residues after treatment
Service that can be easily integrated with cleaning procedures
Technical staff attentive to the security of the area

Zherox® Biodecontamination System
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