The best solutions for gloved hand disinfection

“The sterile gloves must be regularly disinfected or modified, as appropriate, to minimize the risk of contamination.” – FDA

“Gloves should be regularly disinfected during operations.” – Annex 1 -7.16


Contamination control

Thanks to its design, My&Clean+® reduces the risk of cross-contamination caused by bottle handling

Total traceability

My&Clean+® keeps track of all operation of gloved hand sanitisation in a simple and automatic way.

Multiple management

Each device allows the display of information required by operators
My&Clean+ Hand Disinfection

Operator recognition

The device recognizes the individual operator thanks to a silicon RFID bracelet, then validates and records the sanitisation

Data Integrity

Data integrity represents a fundamental requirement for quality, efficacy and the control of production cycle costs


You can access all data through mobile device or pc connected to LAN

Total elimination of cross-contamination risk

The liquid is released directly from the original bottle housed in the device, an innovation that cuts down the need of bottle handling, eliminating the risk of cross contamination.

Sterility of sanitising product is guaranteed by the bottle itself, which original packaging is not compromised at all during the housing and use of the device.

Data Integrity & Traceability

My&Clean+® can be installed individually as multiple interconnected devices. The device recognizes the individual operator thanks to a silicon RFID bracelet, then validates and records the gloved hand sanitization, with no need for direct contact with the machine.

It is also possible to check the level of liquid available in the trigger directly on the display.

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6 Reasons to choose AM Instruments



Since 1990 AM Instruments has been collaborating with international companies in the contamination control sector, with particular attention to the life science market.



In compliance with GMP guidelines, our Quality System ensures that all activities are carried out and managed according to high qualitative standards.


Research & Development

Innovation is the engine of our constant growth, which is achieved through the intuition and the expertise of our Research & Development Department.



A wide product portfolio meets the need of all of our customers, from cleaning equipments to biodecontamination machines.



AM Instruments offers fast and efficient services thanks to our trained professional technicians and to the use of high-tech machines


Customer Care

Thanks to an efficient and proactive team, AM Instruments offers a timely service aimed at meeting the needs of all our customers.