AMTech products & technologies

Zherox®, the brand new environmental biodecontamination system with hydrogen peroxide ionisation technology.


Innovative devices for classified environments: messaging systems, fog generators, monitoring systems.


MyFog Smoke Test
A complete range of solutions for hand disinfection: devices, dispensers, liquid products and gels for cleaning and disinfection, and above all the new concept of gloved hand disinfection that eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and ensures full traceability: My&Clean+


My&Clean+ Hands and Gloves Disinfection
Production of laminar flows according to ISO 14644-1 with a specialist and constantly updated team in a production area equipped with cutting-edge technologies.


Laminar Flow
With the AISI 304 Ni-Cr 18/10 stainless steel product line, AM Instruments offers a completely new work environment for operators in the pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic sectors. The ideal solution for every furnishing project.


Furniture and Accessories for Cleanroom


Systems, facilities and equipment for cleanrooms.

AMTech® is the technological hub of AM Instruments: laminar flow, equipment, systems and facilities, standard and custom-made products, assistance, calibration and validation services.

By carefully analysing customer specific needs and requests, the AMTech® team is able to offer solutions for even unusual and complex dimensions, functions and layouts, thanks to the support of the highly modern design and production processes.

From the design, through the project stage to completion, AMTech is professional, competent and proactive.

With its own multifunctional laboratory featuring dedicated working areas for the maintenance, repair and calibration of instruments, AMTech offers assistance and services which are among the most professional on the market.



AM Instruments offers on-site biodecontamination service . Quick and effective interventions with a specialized team. A tool for every need of effectiveness, volumes and cycle times.

Repackaging Services

Pharmaclean® offers repackaging service for pharmaceutical applications: the service is performed by highly qualified and continuously trained personnel in a Grade A/B – C cleanroom

Training AM Campus

AM Campus promotes the training and updating of professional skills in the controlled contamination sector, with particular attention to operational issues and current regulations.