AM Instruments Worldwide

AM Instruments operates in Italy and abroad:

  • three locations in Italy
  • a sales network present throughout the national territory
  • an office in Spain
  • international distributors

Our export is aimed at international distributors and customers.
Choosing AM Instruments as a partner means:

  • acquiring our thirty-year experience
  • having a wide and dynamic product catalog, in continuous expansion
  • having a team dedicated to project development in compliance with the requirements of current international standards (EU GMP, FDA …)
  • having an internal R&D department that designs and manufactures innovative products in collaboration with our customers, multinational pharmaceutical companies
  • entering into a relationship with the major international producers in the sector who work with us
  • relating to a company financially classified with the AAA by international credit institutions
  • being able to follow annual training sessions specifically designed for our partners
  • having the best of Made in Italy