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Since 1990, AM Instruments has been at the forefront of the contamination control sector. An organisation of 100 people and a sales network that extends across all of Italy. An R&D team dedicated to the development of innovative products. A wide-ranging and high quality commercial offering.

The best of Made in Italy in contamination control.

A GMP-consistent company with ISO 9001:2015 certification

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Pharmaclean® offers repackaging service for pharmaceutical applications: the service is performed by highly qualified and continuously trained personnel in a Grade A/B – C cleanroom

AM Instruments

Contamination control is a constantly evolving sector. Knowing, deepening and discovering is our engine. Sharing our know-how and confronting you is our desire.

AM Instruments is present at the most important national and international fairs, and participates in major events dedicated to contamination control. Stay updated on our events!

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